FX Einstein – An Exciting FOREX Signal App

FX Einstein – An Exciting FOREX Signal App

During the last 10 years, FOREX Signals APP have really grown in popularity which led to having many desktop and mobile-based applications, however, finding a right application is a real challenge. An app with a higher accuracy rate is ultimately a trader’s choice. FX Einstein is a mobile-based app that is built on the mantra of providing trade recommendations that simply generate profits. The app is not just a fine piece of code by developers it is fully backed by a team of highly experienced traders who spent years in the industry perfecting the art of investments for their organizations and investors.

What type of trading singles FX Einstein provides?

FX Einstein provides trading signals for Currencies, Commodities and Indices. Unlike other apps that give only basic signals FX Einstein goes deeper into the trading world and separates the signals into two different trading strategies which are “Grid Signals” and “Straight Signals”.

Grid signals are a great a way of spreading the trades into four different steps. Each step has its own entry, take profit and stop loss. Grid signals spread the risk and generate maximum profits from an upward or downward rally.

On the other hand, the Straight signal is a one-stop trade with an entry, take profit and stop loss. Straight signals are typically for a shorter period and suitable for the traders who like to enter and exit in a couple of sessions. Well, that’s not all FX Einstein also tags signals as daily, short term and long term trade signals so that a trade has a clear picture before placing a trade.

Lot Size Calculator

FOREX trading is all about managing the risk, FX Einstein has introduced an exciting feature called lot size calculator for a better risk understanding of your investment. Using the calculator just enter your equity, select an aggressive or conservative approach and trading signal type. The result will always help you to sail smoothly in a difficult trading world.

Some More Feature of FX Einstein App

Over 80% accuracy Rate. Real-Time Notifications open, close update etc. Previous Signals history for evaluating the performance. Signals for all types of traders such as short term and long term signals.

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