FX Einstein – Grid Signals

FX Einstein – Grid Signals

FX Einstein app offers various type of signals to meet the requirements of the traders. Among these signal types Grid Signals are the top performer. Grid Signal system has resulted in +6190 net pips between July and September 2018. The simplest explanation of FX Einstein Grid Signals would be a trade that is executed in 4 steps. However, the actual theory is an old strategy often referred as Averaging.

How does it Work?

Take an example of a long position in EUR/USD at 1.10. The market drops to 1.08 resulting in an unrealized loss. At this stage opening a 2nd long positions bring the average purchase value to 1.09. With the help of the 2 nd position unrealized loss is resolved before 1.10 in fact when the price recovers to 1.10 the combined positions have already made a considerable profit.

The Strategy of FX Einstein Grid Signals

FX Einstein has further refined this strategy with its mathematical formulas and algorithms. It spreads the trades in 4 steps that ultimately results in a better average price and maximizes the profit.

However, the risk factor does not just end by placing trades at different levels. An overall lot size or exposure value is also required for a successful trade. For this reason, FX Einstein has integrated a tool in the app called “Lot Size Calculator”. It recommends the lot size for a trade based on the available equity, trading approach such as conservative or aggressive and the trading instrument. Trades based on FX Einstein Grid signals are relatively long term and may remain open for some time before the target is met. FX Einstein also recommends using Grid signals with “Lot Size Calculator” for more successful results.

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