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Lot Size Calculator

Lot Size Calculator a Risk management system is generally a combination of multiple factors including limiting lot size, adopting a more conservative or moderate approach or hedging your trades. Most traders are aware of the fact that risk management is the only difference between profit and loss. However, many would fail to implement it, most likely due to market complexity, lack of information or a valid strategy.

To make the things smooth for traders FX Einstein has integrated a Risk Management Tool called “Lot Size Calculator” to its existing Signal app. The tool simply recommends a lot size to enter and that actually provides the control and flexibility when things don’t go as planned. Recommended lot size is based on multiple inputs from the trader that includes equity size, an aggressive or conservative trading mode, signal type, and the trading instrument. The input is then analyzed and processed using a number of mathematical formulas, algorithms and then matched with market volatility, trader’s available equity and risk approach.

How Does the Lot Size Calculator Help?

A Broker’s fancy advertisement of 400:1 leverage leaves the trader with the mindset of entering with a bigger lot size which in most cases is a recipe of disaster. The Lot Size Calculator calculates the right amount of lot for you in order to limit the risk lets you a draw proper strategy. The lot size calculator produces even better results when it is used with FX Einstein Signals.

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