Signal Types

Our mobile app has two types of signals

Grid Signals

In the Grid Trading Signals, the trade will be entered in 4 steps with determined entry gap, take profit and stop loss. On each step lot size will increase if you trade mode is conservative and if the mode is aggressive lot size will remain same for all orders.?

Straight Signals

In the Straight Trading Signals, the trade will be entered in one step with stop loss and take profit. The size of the lot can be calculated using our lot size calculator.

Our signals are based on “set and forget” strategy. It means traders only need few minutes to place the orders and forget about it. Positions will be hold overnight, perhaps even for several days to weeks depending on type of signal.



Updated Daily

These commodities trading signals are good for day traders and will be updated every day normally at the beginning of trading day. Active orders can be hold for 1 to 2 days depending on market movements.


Short Term

Updated twice a Week

Short Term forex trading signals will be updated twice in a week time, mostly by Monday and Wednesday at the start of new trading session. These trades duration is from 2 to 5 days.


Long Term

Updated twice a Month

These dailyfx trading signals signals are good for those traders who are not interested in day trading. Long term signals are updated one time at the beginning of every week. With these signals client can target for big profits. Active orders can be hold for one to two weeks depending on market movement.

Lot Size Calculator

FX Einstein currency trading signals mobile app has a lot size management calculator which use a unique method. Lot size is calculated differently for straight and grid type of accurate forex trading signals. Additionally it use a separate behavior of calculation for conservative or aggressive type of traders. The calculator use a very deep analysis method according to nature of the pair which a user select for trading. We recommend to use a calculator for lot management to get the best results of our signals. Lot size calculator is one the unique feature of FX Einstein forex trading Mobile App. Risk management is most critical part of investment. Majority of investor are losing money in this business because they don’t know how to manage their risk. All Currencies and commodities have their own moving behavior. Lot size calculator makes deep analysis of each currency and commodity and then provides exact lot size depending on client investment size, client trade types (starlight / grid), client trade behavior (conservative/Aggressive) and selected product. To get best result for our trade signals we recommend to use lot size calculator.

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