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FX Einstein Basic Features

40+ Currency Pairs Signals

The FX Einstein App Scans over 40 Forex pairs and provides daily buy and sell signals with exact entry & Exit Levels.

Two Types of Trade Signals

The app provides two types of trade signals for you that are Grid signals and Straight Signals.

Multi Timeframes Signals

Get Forex trade signals for multiple timeframes Including Forex Day trading Signals and Long term trade signals.

Forex Lot Size Calculator

Use the FX Einstein lot size calculator to calculate the exact position size based on your Forex account.

Best Reliable Trade Signals

The FX Einstein trade signals accuracy rate is well above 78%. Now you can trade Forex without breaking the bank.

Live Trade Signal Alerts

Receive Live notifications & alerts of all trade signals including opening and closing of the Forex trade signals.

Easy To Use Signals App

The Forex trade signals app is extremely easy to use. You will easily get familiar with the app and start trading like a pro.

FX Trade Signals for all

Whether you are a day trader or a long-term trade, the app will give you the signals according to your requirements.

Signals Performance

Two Types of Trade Signals

FX Einstein app offers two types of Forex trade signals that are Grid Signals and Straight Signals. A Grid signal contains four trading signals. Each trade signal has its own entry and take profit level. While all four trades have an aggregated or a combined stop-loss. The Grid signals are a great way to benefit from an up-trending, down-trending, and sideways Forex or Commodity market. By using the Grid signals, The firepower remains in the trader’s hand which is best used at the right time to maximize the profit and minimize the risk. On the other hand, the straight signals contain an entry, take profit, and stop-loss levels for only one trade. The straight signals are ideal for those traders who do not want to distribute the trade quantity across different market levels and want to benefit from only the available opportunity at that time within a relatively short period.

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Grid Signals

FX Einstein Grid Signals are the best way to distribute the trades at four different market levels. The trade distribution at four different levels helps the traders to minimize the risk and maximize the profit.

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Straight Signals

FX Einstein Straight Signals are best used to benefit from the current market opportunity. Whether it is Forex, Commodities or Indices the app will give you a precise entry, take profit and stop-loss level.

Daily Signal

Daily Trade Signals

Updated Twice a Day

Forex Day Trading is an extremely powerful method of making money. FX Einstein Forex trading signals app provides daily Forex trading signals. The daily Forex trade signals are updated twice a day. These trade signals are ideal for profiting from daily price fluctuations.

Short Signal

Short Term Trade Signals

Updated Once a Day

Short-term Forex Trade signals are a great way to benefit from rapid price changes in the Forex Market. On the FX Einstein Trading Signals app, the short-term Forex trade signals are updated once a day. The short-term trade signals may remain active from a few hours to a couple of days.

Long Term Signal

Long Term Trade Signals

Updated Once a Day

Long-term trade signals are another way to benefit from a bigger market move that spans over a relatively long period. On the FX Einstein signals app, the long-term Forex trade signals are updated on daily basis. Long-term trades are usually held from a few days to several weeks.

Multi-Asset Trading Signals

Currency Trade Signals
Commodities Trade Signals
  • GOLD
Indices Trade Signals
  • S&P500 EMINI
Lot Size Calculator

FX Einstein Lot Size Calculator

In the Forex market, risk management is one of the most important aspects. Without proper risk management, it's nearly impossible to operate successfully, especially in the Forex and commodity markets. One of the basic concepts of risk management is to adjust the trade size according to your trading capital and trading style. However, this is easier said than done because the majority of Forex and commodity traders remain occupied with analyzing the markets. To counter this problem, the FX Einstein app offers an advanced Lot Size Calculator. This lot size calculator helps you to calculate the exact lot size based on your risk management criteria. 

As a trader, all that you need is to enter your trading capital and select a trading style. The calculator will then automatically calculate the lot size based on your inputs. There are three different trading approaches you can select which are Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. The FX Einstein Lot Size Calculator is unique and is completely different from other calculators available on the internet. The calculator is programmed to measure the current volatility of the selected instrument. This way when you calculate the lot size, the caluclator performs various checks based on the current market situation and then gives you a lot size to trade which ensures that your risk is properly managed.

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About FX Einstein Trade Signals App

FX Einstein is a high-end Trading signals app for Forex, Commodities, and Indices. The app offers live Forex trade signals. The trade signals app is developed by a team of industry professionals, who have spent years working in the Forex industry. They have come together with only a single aim to provide the best Forex and Commodity trade signals to everyone. The signals app comes with an innovative easy-to-use interface and provides various types of trade signals including daily trade signals, swing trade signals, and long-term trade signals.

The FX Einstein trade signals app cater to the need of every Forex trader. It’s built for day traders, short-term traders, and also for long-term traders. The app is built using highly successful and proven Forex trading strategies that are used by big guns like institutional investors, hedge funds, and investment bankers. The FX Einstein signals app has the highest success rate and the signals are available not for just Forex but also for Indices, CFD crude oil, Spot gold, and Silver. The App is also packed with a unique Forex Lot Size Calculator which is one of the best tools to calculate your position size based on your equity and trading style.



10 days
  • Daily Signals
  • Short Term Signals
  • Long Term Signals
  • Forex + Gold + Crude + Crypto + Indices


  • Daily Signals
  • Short Term Signals
  • Long Term Signals
  • Forex + Gold + Crude + Crypto + Indices

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Most frequent questions and answers

Daily trade signals are posted twice a day While the Short and Long-Term Trade Signals Are Posted Once a Day.

We don’t believe on posting a huge number of Forex trade signals In fact, we focus on quality and Success which is why the number of trade signals may vary between 3 to 6.

The demo account gives you full access to the Trade Signals for 10 days after which you will have to subscribe to a paid plan. The trade signals and app features are the same on both the demo and paid accounts.

FX Einstein Trade Signals app analyzes over 40 currency pairs for trade signals.

After registering a free account with us you can subscribe to a paid package from the My Account Section.

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